A great yet not too hard start is the famous "Für Elise, by Ludwig van Beethoven".

Easy to learn via notes or Synthesia, for example the piano tutorial video herebelow.

Here goes the theme song of the new James Bond movie Skyfall by Adele on piano. piano



Winter always seems the ideal time for the Harry Potter books and movies.
With Harry Potter and the deadly hallows coming up soon, here's a Harry Potter music piano tutorial. I always love the music used in the films.


Inception was one of the best movies I've seen in the last couple of years.

This is the soundtrack used at the ending credits, 'Time' by Hans Zimmer.


This is the soundtrack for the second Twilight movie, New Moon.

You can find the sheet music at this link

Here is a piano tutorial devided into 4 parts

September 19, 2009

REM - Everybody hurts

There's sheet music included with the first video.

And here is a tutorial.


September 01, 2009

Pearl harbor: Tennessee


Although there is a large amount of people which hate this movie, I personally have always loved it. The music in this movie must have something to do with it. Tennessee is one of the soundtracks in Pearl Harbor.

It was fairly easy to find sheet music for the piano, e.g. this link, but I wasn't able to find a midi file yet.

So I learned it through a combination of sheet music and Youtube.

This version by Lew Watterson is great:

And here is a good piano tutorial on Youtube.

Today I stumbled on a fantastic piano version of "My heart will go on" by James Horner,
which was the soundtrack of Titanic.
I reckon you don't need an introduction to Titanic, as about everyone must have seen it.

This song, in combination with the story, was the reason that I first had to give up on my manliness during a movie. (Except for the lion king, but let's be fair who didn't cry when Mufasa died)

This version below is such a masterwork, with a tons of emotion in it, that I just had to post about it.

It seems a great song to learn, so I went on the lookout for a decent piano tutorial.

So here you go, you can check part 2 and 3 through the related videos
By the way, there appears to be a link to the sheet music included with the Youtube post.

Good luck if you're going for this one :)



Returning to the core of this blog, there are a lot of great pianists who publish their work via Youtube. I've composed an inspirational top 5 for you guys. This is highly subjective, and I invite you to send your own top 5 of pianists.

o Dave Thomas: coming from the UK, a real Yann Tiersen lover. In my opinion he's one of the best out there; not only with the piano but also with the accordeon.
I like about all of his videos, but the fact that I'm a Yann Tiersen fan may have something to do with it.

Video example Comptine d'été n. 3 by Yann Tiersen:

Youtube channel:

o Vika Yermolyeva (Vkgoeswild): A Dutch girl with an alternative style. The way she transcribes metal/rock songs to the piano is unique. Very gifted piano player.

Video example Aerials by System Of A Down:

Youtube channel:

o David Sides: I believe he's about the most famous piano player on Youtube. Very strong versions of mostly R&B songs, which is a bit less my style. Nevertheless, I've got a huge amount of respect for him.

Video example Viva la Vida by Coldplay:

Youtube channel:

o Hildale: A bit less known, but her Placebo piano covers are absolutely great. But then again, I think Placebo is great.

Video example Song to say goodbye by Placebo:

Youtube channel:

o Iwillbot: This guy covers a very broad area of music with some songs I really really like. Another nice touch is the fact that he includes lyrics.

Video example crushcrushcrush by Paramore:

Youtube channel:

In the end, I realize I watch too much instead of playing, wishing I'd be as good as they are. How pathetic :-)

If you know any other examples, feel free to share them!

A lot of people have been asking to add Kyle Landry to this list. So here goes, I especially like this improvisation of Apologize.

May 09, 2009

The top 5 piano forums

Piano forumtutorialkeyboard


Forums are a fun way to share and find information.
These are the biggest and best piano forums that I know of:


Next to this top 5; I'd like to add these two: (Great forum but in Dutch) (Synthesia forum)

If you know any other, or you want to get your piano forum listed please let me know.


Piano for dummies is the book I received shortly after I started playing the piano.

This book gives you a basic frame to work with.
It starts from the very basics, buying a piano and music theory, until an intermediate level.
It's well written , with an occasional joke now and then to brighten things up.
That's why I recommend it to everyone who feels he needs a guiding frame while learning by themselves.

At the store it was rather pricey(I think about 30€), but I think this is worth it.
Especially when you realize how pricey taking lessons at a piano teacher can be.
If you're interested, a tip is to look into a part of the book at

This choice of piano for dummies is strictly personal.
If you feel there's a book out there which is better, please let me know via the comments form.

However, it is introductory so when you've finished this book you'll have to switch to method books like e.g. Alfred's Basic and All in One Adult Piano Courses.

A less structured alternative is to just pick songs of your own liking to practice with.
In the end it's all about practicing, and that can give you a hard time.
That's why I personally prefer to pick songs of my own which I like more, to keep the morale high.

You can do so via sheet music, practicing software like Synthesia or video tutorials.



One of the main questions that always return about Synthesia the piano hero game [Read more about Synthesia], is how to connect it to your piano or keyboard.

This is not an obligation: if your piano is connected to your computer then Synthesia reads from it and scores your playing. If not, Synthesia lets you follow along on your own without scoring. Of course, with scoring is a lot more fun and it can figure as a guide for your piano learning process.

So to connect, obviously, you will need a cable. But to know which cable, you should check the back of your piano/keyboard and PC. I've added prices and images so you can easily compare which is the best option for you.

There are three main options that I'm aware of:

1. USB to USB connection


2. Midi plug to USB (adapter)

MIDI piano

3. Midi to soundcard

Piano midi

If you still have questions, please let me know :-)