Most of you have probably heard of Guitar Hero.
This is a popular game that simulates you playing a guitar.
So what's the use of this for you as a piano player?

Well, there is a game called Synthesia which is quite like Guitar Hero, but adapted to the piano.
In fact it was even called Piano Hero, until legal issues forced a name change.
The big benefit compared to Guitar Hero is that you can actually play with your keyboard or digital piano.

All you need is a MIDI or USB cable to connect to the computer.
You can download the basic version of this game for free. The full version is for sale.

So how does Synthesia work?
Basically, you can play any song you like with it.
All you need is a file with a "MIDI" extension and Synthesia will generate the song.

The keys and notes you need to play will appear on screen.
You can select whether you want to play together (with sound or without) or only lefthand/righthand.

I personally think it's a fun method of learning to play the piano.
Especially for those of us which are unable to read sheet music.

Here is a review explaining how it works:

Synthesia: the piano hero game.

You can download Synthesia via this link: link

So basically, you can play any song you want through Synthesia, as long as you can find a MIDI file.
So how do you get those MIDI files?
Well, there are quite some MIDI files of classical music available for free.
If you want modern music you'll have to do some research. To help you out, I made a basic post on how to find MIDI files


EntrepreneurNovice.Com said...

I don't have piano, can the software work alone :)

xnapoleonx said...

Yes it does, connecting a digital piano or keyboard to the computer isn't a requirement.

You can just view how a song is played on the piano/keyboard - which can be interesting for more complicated songs with a lot of instruments in it (cfr. conquest of paradise by vangelis).

Or you can even play the piano on Synthesia by operating your computer keyboard - though I have to say that's rather complicated to do.

Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

ohhh thanks alot XD

xnapoleonx said...

Your welcome, I made a newer post which goes further into connnecting your piano/keyboard to your computer if you might be interested in it.

Anonymous said...

sweet CX

koolstud said...

good app..I have found another on this block - Piano Marvel, an interactive teaching tool which claims to teach piano 4-5 times faster, check out the video & get the app itself from

xnapoleonx said...

Thanks for sharing this resource!
I'll check it out soon; at first sight it looks like an alternative for musescore software etc.

sheivon said...

uh how do you start the song???? im kinda new soo i appricaiae your reply.

xnapoleonx said...

Just press play, or I think space / enter works too.

Anonymous said...

will it work on piano with 65 keys ?

xnapoleonx said...

Its possible from 61 keys keyboards, though you can even play with your computer keyboard :-)

Anonymous said...

I tried to start it but it says it couldn't detect an compatible Direct3D devices..

Does that have anything to do with me not having an actual keyboard?

How can I get it to work with just my computer keyboard?(I use a laptop, also.)

learn2playpianos said...

I've always wanted to play piano, but I never did. If you have no talent, it's not worth to try.

Anonymous said...

i installed your free version, and i wanted to know how to choose which songs i wanted to learn but i didnt know how.

Anonymous said...

i downloaded midi files but how can i play them???

Anonymous said...

Just select them through the browser that the game provides

best writing services said...

I guess it's something like a guitar hero?? LOL, didn't think that they can do it

Anonymous said...

Hi, also you can try Let's Go Music at for a more game like play.

balan said...

a great job done by you your video.

can u pl let me know the song that you r playing in the video. its nice and played very good by you.


balan said...

doing a great and nice job through your videos.

can u pl let me know the song u r playing in the video. its very nice.


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Your tutorials are really great and with this video, I actually discovered Synthesia. I have a Roland A-33

Anonymous said...


Piano Crumbs said...

If you like the Synthesia game you may like this web site as well,- It uses the same principles as Synthesia but allows you to choose from growing collection of popular music to play along.

piano lessons pemberton nj said...

Wow, a good alternative for those without piano or organ. In this case, can I use the keyboard to play each note and what software do I need? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what else tools that can use on this game except keyboard and digital piano? thanks

Karen Scott said...

Awesome! I love it.. thanks for sharing..

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Karen Scott

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