May 03, 2009

First sheet music list

sheet music

In my pillar post about how to find sheet music I talked about sheet music listings.

These are websites that collect sheet music for you to download.
As it would be impossible to check all of them, I can not be held responsible for their content.

This list is mainly classical, so it should all be legal.

o 28.500 Scores
o 12.000 Scores
o 10.000 Scores
o 12.500 Scores
o 10.000 Scores

I will post some great resources on modern sheet music soon, but do keep my previous post in mind as it remains the best method in my opinion.


amy said...

you might add this link to the list ? thx Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hey man, i just came across your site pretty awesome, love the chord tutorial on time by hans, anyway I can get the video of you just showing the chords. Trying to get the rhythm and timing down ur the best!!!

YUI-LOVER_Jun said...

hai! i'm new here!! and can you please hear this song!!! i know it's unreasonable..but please help me!!! make this tutorial for me..T,T

YUI-LOVER_Jun said...

i'm counting on you..>,< please please please!!!

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I have a few piano tutorials that I made that you are welcome to post. Please let me know if you will use them.


nice_gal said...

This blog is great :) The tutorial is easy to follow.

I also have some ideas on piano playing techniques.

Negi said...

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Negi said...

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Eduardo Noriega said...

There are several piano tutorials I am publishing at feel free to share.

Eduardo Noriega said...
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