April 21, 2009

How to find sheet music

sheet music


The top 5 resources for sheet music

The internet is full of people begging for free sheet music.
Someone who posts a piano tutorial on Youtube usually gets stalked.
Searching for sheet music yourself really isn't that hard as it seems.
This first post about finding sheet music should help you to get on your way.

1. Google

Although many people work with Google on a daily basis,
they simply have no idea what a powerful tool it can be.
It's likewise for finding sheet music with Google;
in 90% of the cases I can easily find sheet music through Google.
Just use "nameofthesong.pdf" and you should find something somewhere.

Even a search at Google images can provide some quality results.

If you want to know more about Google syntaxes or search operators follow this link.

sheet music Listing

There are tons of blogs and sites offering free sheet music.
Some examples are :

o http://my-piano.blogspot.com/
o http://pianomusicsheet.blogspot.com/
o http://www.8notes.com/

I'll provide a more extensive list later on. Feel free to share them through comments though.

3. Scribd
Scribd logo

Scribd is a free document sharing site. Luckily for you and me, there are quite a lot of sheet music PDF files.

For example, I found the sheet music of one of my favorite songs here:

Sheet music for Comptine d'un autre été - from Amelie Poulain by Yann Tiersen

So just do a search on http://www.scribd.com/ and you'll probably get some good results.

4. Software

If you weren't able to find sheet music through the previous resources, here's another great idea.

In my previous post about Synthesia, the piano hero game, I talked about other software that feeds itself on MIDI files.

Well, if you've been able to get a MIDI file but not the sheet music this is a great resource.
There are several free programs available that will generate sheet music from MIDI files, and MIDI files from sheet music.


Examples are:

o Musescore (I recommend this one)
o Notation
o Rosegarden
o Sibelius
o Finale notepad

If you've forgotten how to get MIDI files, check my previous post on how to find midi files.

5. Buying

Of course the last, and probably less attractive option is to buy sheet music from sites like Amazon.

I reckon these resources should get you on your way for now, good luck!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll respond as quickly as possible.


iTreatMyself said...

This is making me want to learn! Great job on your website!

xnapoleonx said...

Thank you very much, that's a nice compliment :-)

LisaAnn45 said...

This is such a great and informative blog!!
how do I follow you??
I hope you are submitting this to all of the music directories.
Blog On!!!
Your new friend,


xnapoleonx said...

Thank you !

You can follow me by joining my followers by Google friendconnect on the right.

Haven't done much of directories yet, any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

For the bigger choice, especially for rare sheets, trading on http://pianofiles.com is definately a must.
You'll always find someone helpful who have the sheet you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Is downloading music like Nuvole Bianche from my-piano.blogspot.com illegal, as I really want to play it but feel bad illegally downloading sheet music. Also is it safe?

Anonymous said...

I think isn't per se legal, but as long as you aren't selling it or distributing it on a larger scale you shouldn't worry too much about it

writing company said...

I think sheet music can be used as a record of, a guide to, or a means to perform, a piece of music. Although it does not take the place of the sound of a performed work, sheet music can be studied to create a performance and to elucidate aspects of the music that may not be obvious from mere listening.

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