April 06, 2009

How to find MIDI files



In my post about Synthesia I mentioned that all you need is a MIDI file.

So what exactly is a MIDI file? MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Basically, it's a simple file format for digitalizing music. Back in the old days, when MP3's didn't exist yet this was used to listen to.

As we're used to MP3 quality, MIDI sounds a little rough. Though it is what feeds Synthesia, and other musical programs, for example software which transfers a MIDI file to sheet music. But I'll come back to that at another day.

So, how do you find these MIDI files?

Option one

Well, the first way is to download it directly from public websites. Depending on the website and song you either have to pay for it, or it's free.

Some great free resources are:

o http://www.mutopiaproject.org/ Mostly classical songs.
o http://www.vgmusic.com/ Video game music.
o http://www.8notes.com/

I'll post a more extensive list about this soon.

Option two

The second way is to use Google. Just use this syntax: "yoursongname.mid".

You may have to try out different names, or use the * syntax etc. This can involve some searching but you'll find something most of the times. If you don't, you can always contact me for tips.

I find most of my MIDI music this way. Just watch out with your source. This can involve illegal results: which is your own responsibility as with all downloading.

Option three

Downloading MIDI packs through torrents etc. As with option two, this is a grey zone. Some of these packs are legal, some are illegal.

If anyone has another source for searching for MIDI music, please feel free to share!


5ws1h said...

Before MP3's I remember the day. MIDI's were the bomb! Is it possible to make your own MIDI file if you have the sheet music? By the way, Nice post.

xnapoleonx said...

Yes, there is software available to convert MIDI's to sheet music and back in the other direction. I'll make a post about it soon.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the resouce

xnapoleonx said...

Your welcome, I'm glad to hear some appreciation :-)

Anonymous said...

how do you pick up the midi files on the websites

WhatEver_Bitch said...

can the piano game also play music on ur mp3 but put it like a midi file or do u have 2 find midi file for the music u have on ur mp3

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I don't use MIDI. For a long time I have used to GP. It's guitar pro's files, much effective than MIDI

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just try midiportal4world @ com. it's a most huge MIDI files archive! I always used it, it's simply great

Henrique said...

Do you know any place where can I find some Midi files only with the piano? For example, in midi files about a more commum song, like Knocking on Heaven´s door, it shows many instruments at the same time, making it impossible to be played.
I found some of these MIDIs only with piano in the vkgoeswild.com, but it´s paid and I don´t have money.
If you have any MIDI like this, or any site to download it for free, please write me back.

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