Piano for dummies is the book I received shortly after I started playing the piano.

This book gives you a basic frame to work with.
It starts from the very basics, buying a piano and music theory, until an intermediate level.
It's well written , with an occasional joke now and then to brighten things up.
That's why I recommend it to everyone who feels he needs a guiding frame while learning by themselves.

At the store it was rather pricey(I think about 30€), but I think this is worth it.
Especially when you realize how pricey taking lessons at a piano teacher can be.
If you're interested, a tip is to look into a part of the book at

This choice of piano for dummies is strictly personal.
If you feel there's a book out there which is better, please let me know via the comments form.

However, it is introductory so when you've finished this book you'll have to switch to method books like e.g. Alfred's Basic and All in One Adult Piano Courses.

A less structured alternative is to just pick songs of your own liking to practice with.
In the end it's all about practicing, and that can give you a hard time.
That's why I personally prefer to pick songs of my own which I like more, to keep the morale high.

You can do so via sheet music, practicing software like Synthesia or video tutorials.


Anonymous said...

I've read good and bad reviews about it. In the end I choose NOT to get it because many reviewers underlined that there's NO mention at all to fingerings.

xnapoleonx said...

There are some, though few.
I didn't see this as a big problem because fingering is really subjective; it really depends a lot on what kind of a person you are.
Especially hand size etc; some feel better with certain fingering than others.

So I believe it is best to search your own fingering patern from the start, to make things go 'natural'.

xnapoleonx said...

But that's strictly personal of course. Got any suggestions of other books which could be better?

Anonymous said...

If you want to try it out free before you buy it;
Piano for Dummies by Blake Neely

dkonevski said...

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michael said...

This is the first piano book that I bought. Piano for Dummies is great for every aspiring pianist out there.learn piano course

Debbie said...

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I'll check this book out. Hopefully, it will help me a lot in learning how to play, even with a used piano. Houston also has some talented pianists I take as role models.

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Karen Scott said...

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