This is the soundtrack for the second Twilight movie, New Moon.

You can find the sheet music at this link http://fouadgtadros.blogspot.com/

Here is a piano tutorial devided into 4 parts



Anonymous said...

super =) merci pour ton tutoriale

Musical Instruments Brisbane said...

Very Good tutorial Thank you heaps for playing soundtrack for Twilight movie, New Moon.

Anonymous said...

All the 4 Tutorials were Brilliant. :D
Of All the Self-Teaching Videos I've seen [ Which is quite many], I think Yours Was the best. :D
I really Hope you Go on to become a successful Pianist, if Nothing else. :D
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

you're too kind

harmonymelody said...

Piano Rhythm Techniques

Rhythm is an essential ingredient of music. A musician must know how to create alluring tunes and must possess the

sense of rhythm.

A pianist can play the right keys but if the timing is not right, then music can be meaningless and unpleasant to the


Here are a few ways to keep steady rhythms:

1. Loud counts!
Another way in learning rhythm and keeping track of it is counting out loud. Counting loudly makes our minds

comprehend the rhythm pattern and it is imprinted in our minds. If a pianist begins to count the rhythm in a musical

composition from one to four and then repeats it again and again, then the rhythm begins to flow into the keys of the

piano, as well. A pianist can relate the notes to the beats, in the music scores, easily, when he/she keeps count of the


2. Clap, Tap, catch rhythm!

A person can grasp the intricate musical rhythms by clapping one's hands, clapping on one's laps and by tapping one's

feet. This is an effective way in learning rhythm. Sometimes the rhythm in a song, changes in the middle of the song.

This can be challenging but a pianist or a musician can get back in rhythm by clapping or
tapping. When one plays on complicated music composition, one can take some time to clap and get back one's

rhythm and timing.

3. Imaginary piano!

To get accustomed to the rhythms, playing on an imaginary piano is of immense help. A piano player can select a

song and then play an imaginary piano. The rhythms can be played on an imaginary piano. This exercise allows a

pianist to understand musical rhythm patterns better. A pianist who has learnt the art of playing on an imaginary

piano can grasp the beats, even if the music slows down or speeds up and he can play on time.

4. Rhythm Accompaniment/Metronome
Do you have a keyboard that comes with rhythm accompaniment?
This is no doubt one of the best way to keep a piano player rhythmically straight!
You are probably aware that most piano player are solo player.
We don't get to play in a band or an orchestra. The best way to imitate an ensemble setting is by using a rhythm

accompaniment tool.

Yoke Wong
Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level

Anonymous said...

can u make a tutorial for harry potter songs, like slughorn's cofession, btw great job on New Moon, the meadow, it was beautiful!! :)

Anonymous said...

Is there someone who know where to find the MIDI-file for this song? I'm using Synthesia and need a MIDI-file to learn the song..:)

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