September 01, 2009

Pearl harbor: Tennessee


Although there is a large amount of people which hate this movie, I personally have always loved it. The music in this movie must have something to do with it. Tennessee is one of the soundtracks in Pearl Harbor.

It was fairly easy to find sheet music for the piano, e.g. this link, but I wasn't able to find a midi file yet.

So I learned it through a combination of sheet music and Youtube.

This version by Lew Watterson is great:

And here is a good piano tutorial on Youtube.


faris_jayz said...

I really love Pearl Harbor theme song played on piano!

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fundz said...

I really love all the songs on the Pearl Harbor soundtrack.My top 3 are:And then I kissed him,Tennesse,and Brothers!!!!And I love Josh Hartnett in the movie,but it makes me sad when he dies and leaves his unborn child behind.It also makes me mad to know that Evelyn didn`t tell Danny about his child she was carrying.But other than that.I extremely love the movie.My dad cried the first time he saw it.Now that really says something immediately.Well done to all the actors and actresses.

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