April 02, 2009

Setting a goal


In my previous post about Youtube I discussed Youtube videos as a medium for motivation. Setting some kind of goal will help you to persist when practice is hard.

Of course, this is very personal. My goal when I started out was to be able to play this version of Lux aeternae by Clint Mansell in about a year:

Being honest, at this point I’m far, o so very very far from my goal. I'll probably have to revise my goal to something which takes a bit less experience.
But who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to post my own video on this blog.

So set a goal, but don't be disappointed when things take more practice than you've expected. Just keep on practicing and keep your goal ahead!


LisaAnn45 said...

What a great idae for a blog! I hope you are adding it to all of the music blog directories!!
Best of luck!

xnapoleonx said...

Thank you, that's very kind!
I will, but i'm not too sure which directories..any suggestions?

the research paper writing services said...

He looks like that the one from Jonas Brothers, eh

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